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Amazing animals & plants of New Guinea

Here is some fun info on New Guinea’s biodiversity  …

I was introduced to the Tenkile tree kangaroo through this wonderful article by Jeremy Hance.

A National Geographic article with the title, “Thousands of New Species Found in New Guinea,” described just a few of the 1,060 new species found on or near New Guinea between 1998 and 2008!! Wow! And, as you might imagine, National Geographic’s photos are phenomenal.

ZME Science: Not exactly rocket science posted an interesting article entitled, “Papuan weevils have screw-in legs. Just envisioning that made me want to check it out!

Australian Geographic posted an intriguing article about an intriguing animal, the pig-nosed turtle, mentioning “The reptile (Carettochelys insculpta), which has no close living relatives. … It is found only in northern Australia and southern New Guinea, where demand for its meat and eggs – a traditional food – maybe driving the species into extinction.”

Another fantastic National Geographic article posted the discovery of tiny frogs, the size of M&Ms, whose feet/digits are too small to grab onto foliage (remember the million photos of frogs hanging onto branches?) and who hop & jump explosively like crickets.

And the fauna of the island is likewise amazing. Scroll through this gallery of orchids & forests sent to me by a friend who traveled to Carstensz Pyramid not too long ago.

Finally, let’s save the nightmare for last, read this Huffington Post article (complete with video) about a – dare I say it? – testicle eating fish! What in the world?!